Nortel Announces Cease Trade Order Issued by Alberta Securities Commission

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 Nortel Announces Cease Trade Order
Issued by Alberta Securities Commission


TORONTO – Nortel* Networks Corporation (“NNC”) [OTC: NRTLQ] and Nortel Networks Limited (“NNL”) announced that they have received notice from the Alberta Securities Commission (“ASC”) that the ASC has issued a cease trade order (“CTO”), dated May 13, 2013, in respect of the securities of NNC and NNL for their failure to file certain periodic disclosure documents.

The CTO prohibits trading and purchasing of any securities of NNC or NNL, effective as of May 13, 2013, other than (i) trades or purchases for nominal consideration for the purposes of permitting a security holder to crystallize a tax loss (a “tax loss trade”); or (ii) trades or purchases of notes of either NNC or NNL to or by an entity that qualifies as an “accredited investor” as that term is defined under applicable Canadian securities laws (an “accredited investor trade”). The aforementioned exceptions are subject to the further qualifications that: (1) in the case of a tax loss trade, a copy of the CTO is provided to the purchaser and the seller receives a written acknowledgement from the purchaser that the securities acquired remain subject to the CTO; and (2) in the case of an accredited investor trade in notes of NNC or NNL, the purchaser will be deemed (by reason of the issuance of this news release and the posting of the CTO on the Restructuring Document Centre website of Ernst & Young Inc., as monitor of NNC and NNL in their Canadian creditor protection proceedings, at to have received notification of the terms of the CTO and deemed to have acknowledged to the seller that the notes acquired remain subject to the CTO. The full text of the CTO accompanies this news release marked as Annex A.

Annex A


Citation: Nortel Networks, Re, 2013 ABASC 200                                                    Date: 20130513

Nortel Networks Corporation and Nortel Networks Limited


1. Nortel Networks Corporation (NNC) and Nortel Networks Limited (NNL) (collectively,the Issuers) are reporting issuers under the Securities Act, R.S.A. 2000, c. S-4 (the Act) and have failed to file the following periodic disclosure pursuant to section 146 of the Act:

(a) annual audited financial statements, annual management’s discussion and analysis, and certification of annual filings for the year ended 31 December 2012; and

(b) interim unaudited financial statements, interim management’s discussion and analysis, and certification of interim filings for the interim period ended 31 September 2012.

2. Pursuant to an Authorization Order dated 31 October 2012, the undersigned is authorized to make orders under section 33.1 of the Act.


3. Under section 33.1 of the Act, it is ordered that trading and purchasing cease in respect of any security of the Issuers, except for the trades and purchases identified below, until this order has been revoked or varied.

4. This order does not apply to the following trades and purchases:

(a) a trade to and a purchase by a person’or company in a Security of either of the Issuers for nominal consideration for the purpose of permitting security holders of the Issuer to crystallize any losses for tax purposes provided that, prior to such trade and purchase, suchperson or company:

(i) receives a copy of this order; and

(ii) provides written acknowledgment to the seller that the securities of the Issuer remain subject to this order in accordance With its terms following such trade and purchase; or

(b) a trade and purchase of:

(i) NNC, U.S. $575,006,000 principal amount of 1.75% convertible senior notes due 2012 and U.S. $575,000,000 principal amount of 2.125% convertible senior notes due 2014 (collectively, the NNC Notes); or

(ii) NNL, U.S. $1,000,000,000 principal amount of floating rate senior notes due 2011, U.S. $550,000,000 principal amount of 10.125% senior notes due 2013, U.S. $1,125,000,000 principal amount of 10.750% senior notes due 2016 and U.S. $200,000,000 principal amount of 6.875% notes due 2023 (collectively, the NNL Notes);

to or by a person or company who is an “accredited investor” as defined in National Instrument 45-106 Prospectus and Registration Exemptions, provided that, prior to such trade and purchase either:

 (iii) such person or company receives a copy of this order and provides written acknowledgment to the seller that the NNC Notes or NNL Notes (as applicable) remain subject to this order in accordance with its terms following such trade and purchase; or 

(iv) the Issuers shall have issued a news release disclosing the terms of this order and Ernst & Young Inc. (the Monitor) shall have posted a copy of this order on its website, in which case each such person or company is deemed to have received notification of the terms of this order and is deemed to have acknowledged to the seller that the NNC Notes or NNL Notes (as applicable) remain subject to this order in accordance with its terms following such trade and purchase:

 13 May 2013

 ”original signed by”
Jonathan Taylor
Manager, CD Compliance & Market Analysis


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